All right. I'm going to migrate over to my account. Y'all can find me at @Aerdan

CNN put Bill Nye on a panel with a climate change denialist. Bill's pissed.

I would be, too, because presenting a false balance is how we get bullshit like climate change denialism into the mainstream in the first place.

Hm. Ordered pizza for dinner last night, got an email with a code for a free large pizza because the pizza came late according to their metrics.

So does anyone want a Pizza Hut code that's good 'til 21 May? (I think it's US-only, though.)

🎵 Nobody knows who I really am...
I've never shitpost this much before,
But if I ever need someone to follow on,
Who's gonna shitpost and pass it on? 🎵

Okay, the buffalo chicken shells'n'cheese actually have a kick to them. I'm shocked.

>pets cat
>cat rolls onto back, thereby denying ability to pet

...You're a cat, cat. Only dogs are allowed to demand belly rubs.

🎵 It's raining, it's pouring, there's no old man here to be snoring or at least I hope not because I'd have to call the cops to have him removed 🎵

Open source maintainers should diffuse responsibility early, and often. Add new contributors, give contributors push rights, empower existing contributors to keep contributing.

It's hard, because we start open source projects usually because we like to write code for them. But once it becomes a community, our priorities need to shift from coding to helping others code. It's uncomfortable.

Not actually spicy, though, except maybe in the no-exposure-to-spice sort of sense.

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Bacon alfredo lasagna I had for dinner about five hours ago was a joke.

Hopefully this pesto spicy Italian sausage ravioli is better.

Wrote an email to my VR counselor about an hour or so ago, hopefully she responds before I call my audiologist on Monday.

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Grrr. Hearing aids are acting up. Really, *really* wish I had a pair of waterproof ones. :|

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