Do you see any good reasons to put something like Postgres in a container in production?
Please, it's a serious question, don't troll. I just want to improve myself by learning how to properly use this kind of tools.

For clarifcation: I already have a strong opinion against Postgres in containers for production. That's why I'm asking for good reason to do it. I'm looking for what my biases could have made me miss.

Some big companies seem to use Postgres in Kubernetes for example. So I know i'm missing something. And even if I don't want to do the same thing, I need to understand why this kind of solutions exists. One day, it'll may be useful to solve a particular problem. Because of the nature of my work as an adminsys, I need to be aware of what people are using and why.

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So after some discussion elsewhere, I see at least two cases:
- a small company with very few physical servers nor sysadmins, to easily isolate the environments,
- a medium/large company, to completely separate the management of the physical infrastructure from the management of applications, which already use this kind of technologies for its stack, to be able to easily deploy in the right places with the right type of resources, depending on teams, environments and other stuffs. Without the need to wait for another team to have time to deploy your stuff.

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