So, how do we find out the status of another mastodon instance?

It appears that Mastodon.Rocks is down, and it has been for a couple of days. If it's dead, I ought to look for another instance. Not that there's anything wrong with this one, but it's mainly french. 🤷‍♂️ The local timeline isn't exactly something that I find easy to read. LOL.

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YouTube’s algorithm sent me this gem of a channel this morning: Nybbles and Bytes. It’s one of those PBS-style retro computing shows like Explaining Computers except for two very important differences:

1. The focus is on low level software programming on retro computers

2. The host is a trans femme

This is literally new new favorite channel and I hope anyone interested gives her a subscription because support our family!

How long will the site be down?

So... I guess I'll post this around, but I think that most of the people that have left G+ have settled into one place or the other. It sure was simpler when all of my cool geeky nerdy nerd buds were on Google Buzz and then G+. Now everyone is everywhere EXCEPT FB. ....

MeWe: Connect to me / Invite.

Mastodon: OR
Backup Account

Well, went to the dentist.
Looks like I've got a filling and root canal in my future. 😬


It seems that is having some issues... So, I'm using this for now...

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OK... First post... ok, ok... I got it..
Hello Earth, Hello Earth... With just one hand held up high...

OK... First post... ok, ok... I got it..
Hello Earth, Hello Earth... With just one hand held up high...

Mastodon Opportun.e

Une instance ouverte à tou.te.s, qui se veut un minimum inclusive :

  • serveur réservé aux personnes parlant français ou anglais, par souci de facilité de modération.
  • Sexisme, racisme, homophobie et toutes formes d'exclusion des minorités sont à proscrire pour le bien être de tou.te.s.
  • Respectez la vie privée des personnes.
  • Utilisez les tags et autres CW que vous jugez adaptés, en particulier pour le contenu NotSafeForWork (NSFW).
  • Essayez d'être prévénant.e.s et
  • Si l'un de vos propos est perçu comme excluant et que quelqu'un vous en informe, écoutez. Nous sortirons tou.te.s grandi.e.s d'un tel dialogue.

Sachez que nous préférerons toujours notre liberté d'être ensemble à votre liberté d'exclure.

Merci au POOP, dont je ne cesse de m'inspirer de leur code de conduite.

Silence instance :