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Wow... I'm really feeling warmly bisexual.

- I use white pens to highlight back on top of my spot blacks, especially with hair. I like uniball signo white gel pens for this! White out also works in a pinch

- especially easy with trad media pages: draw with the previous page beside the current one to check consistency. Lay your pages out together every so often and make sure they flow properly (added bonus: you get to see all your hard work laid out!!)

- save inking large black areas until after you've erased your pencils (if you do erase them). It will save you a lot of smears & weird gray areas.

- if you use colored pencils & want to save time on erasing after inks, use Channel Mixer > Black & White with (color you used) filter

(I've found it makes gray tones look really blown out, however, so I'd only recommend it for strictly b&w work!!)

- scan your pages at 300dpi or higher if you ever want to print them. 72dpi is web resolution. I keep my work at 90dpi cuz 72 looks small to me.

- treat lettering/bubbles as a part of composition, not text laying on top of art. Ink it first.

- if you struggle with inking on top of pencils because it's visually confusing, try using colored pencils instead of regular ones (this was Vital for me)

- sketch with a ruler, ink freehand. move your whole arm, not just your wrist for straighter lines.

traditional art tips off the top of my head (mainly for comics/inking, I don't really.. do anything else):

- WHITE OUT IS YOUR FRIEND. I like this one: amazon.com/Pentel-Presto-Jumbo

- when white out fails/the area you done fucked up is large, patch it. Cut a scrap of paper to size. glue it on top, do that portion over. Repeat as needed.

- if your art is too big for your scanner & u have PS: make sure all the scans are facing the same way, use Automate > Photomerge > Collage. It will save your life

Fellow artists, how do y’all manage social media & self promo in a healthy way? I’m impressed at the difference in my mental health from a few weeks of avoiding twitter and facebook and minimizing my time on tumblr . I’m definitely going to revisit how I use social media for my art business. I just want to connect with people, and I can’t do that effectively on those sites right now because I’m just too darn paranoid and stressed out.

working on a commission while listening to soundcloud.com/unicornkid/unic
(does it even work with soundclouds?)

I’m playing Lineage 2: Revolution and I like it more than I thought I would

There - little mechbeastie drawn with my 'proper' pens on A6 size (14.8x10.5cm) bristol board.

Selling this (signed original) for $8 incuding worldwide postage! :o Yell at me if you want to give it a home, payment via paypal :)

#mastoart #creativetoots

mastodon.social/media/rv-Ae0hc mastodon.social/media/eSDQAqlL

An old gouache i never posted because it was left unfinished, but I like it this way