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arrow / gore / éméto 

you won't like me when i take modern physics into account (the present is not a finite sliver between two infinite planes but is instead a changeable sexy thing depending on where you're standing). you won't like me when i crunch into a biscotti without dipping

I keep misreading "libertarian" as "librarian" and am wondering why people are angry at their local librarians :(

"he was a boy
she was a girl
can i make it anymore obvious" 🎶

si j'avais à analyser cette introduction, je dirais que l'autrice introduit deux personnages, et qu'il est évident que l'un d'eux est un garçon et que l'autre est une fille.


araignée, bouffe 

atlantic blueberries, painted by james marion shull, 1940

Oh, and I accidentally wrote a blogpost about data rescue from encrypted partitions yesterday.

Just in case you need it some day:

#linux #xubuntu #encryption

Do you like Korben ?

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