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Une imprimerie sur Toulouse à conseiller pour des prints ?

That was NOT the file expected.
Here is a more shadowy stuff (that being said, same description than on the other one)

#commission #mastoart #art #digitalart #cat #krita #opensource

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jouez à Valéry Giscard Destaing pour changeeer de viiie 🎶

// hey folks! time for update. I finally made it through and still alive (even if it was discutable some days ago). just got out of hospital, so I'll take few more days/weeks before jumping again on work as I'm still very tired atm, but at least I should be back here a little =)

re: CO / famille / pos 

(ce qui est une bonne chose parce que je kiffe ma mamie)

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CO / famille / pos 

je crois que mon coming out à ma mamie s'est bien passé :3

“Wow, that’s a remarkably poignant take on the colonialist origins of the bicameral mind theory,”

*squints at user name*

“Dildo Gaggins”

You don't *beat* Skyrim, you play until you need more mods and then the process loops until the mods break your game and you get bored trying to fix it.

joke: neuromancer (1984)'s depiction of a communal hallucination of data prophesied the internet before it was created

woke: return of the king (1954)'s depiction of denethor, deceived into hopelessness by sauron selectively showing him true visions through the palantir, prophesied far-right radicalization through algorithmic suggestions before personal computers existed

La chaleur de la main permet presque à elle seule de la rendre malléable

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