Today is my birthday, so I am organizing a .
To participate, it's easy:

- like this post
- share it
- comment the post by giving me your favorite movie

You can win one of the illustrations in the picture! :)

Results on 05/13/19


Happy birthday! (for when you posted this... I've been offline for a few days...)

Not everyone loves this film like I do, but my favorite film, without question is an old one I came across called La Cité des Enfants Perdus. It's beautiful, confusing, visually striking and highly imaginative/metaphoric. An artistic feverish dream, I love it more each time I see it. 💞

Wow, kinda hard to make a choice...
The Magdalene Sisters, maybe.

@lila_bliblu Joyeux anniversaire à toi, en te souhaitant tout plein de bonheur et de belles choses à venir !

Mon film préféré doit être Yobi, le renard à 5 queues. Beaucoup d'émotions, avec ce petit renard qui rêve de devenir humain.e ♥

(Je ne tiens pas à participer au giveaway cependant, je laisse ma place. Mais je tiens à te dire que j'adore tes œuvres !)


I just realized... our birthdays are only 4 days apart! 😁 Mine is coming up in a couple of days.

How did yours go?

@lila_bliblu happy birthday ✨i'd say the road to eldorado 😊


*The Great Muppet Caper*, because I never grew up.

(That bird-skull still life is amazing.)

@lila_bliblu gosh I'm not even sure I have a favourite movie right now. Hmmm


If I had to pick one favorite movie, I'd say THE THING, watched it so many times.


Happy birthday!!!! Let your wildest dreams come true!

La Double Vie de Véronique
by Krzysztof Kieślowski, sorti en 1991

@lila_bliblu Happy Birthday! Your art looks amazing!

... my favorite movie is definitely Jumanji !
(the first 1)

@lila_bliblu hmmm. My favorite movie is probably either Empire Records or Princess Bride

@lila_bliblu I don't really have a favorite movie, but a movie I wanna rewatch again that popped to mind immediately was Sebastiane (1976)

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