To everyone joining Mastodon from Twitter:

I remember when I did the same as you. I wish you the same pleasure I had back then of seeing no ads, seeing my notification count drop down and take control of my dopamine addiction, and settling into a small instance to feel like I'm in a warm corner of the internet instead of being in the coldness of the overcrowded public square where everyone is shouting.

Enjoy your landing here. Take your marks. Listen to each other and respect each other. Use CW. Have a nice stay.

To everyone joining Mastodon from Twitter (2/X):

I will add that crossposting your twitter posts to Mastodon is not always welcome, as is adopting the same tone on fediverse as on twitter. To each network its tone. Wouldn't it be strange to post on Insta the same way as on Facebook as on Email as on Twitter? Same thing here.

You're welcome doesn't mean "don't change anything about your toxic twitter behaviours". It means : you're welcome. Feel free to change for the better.

To everyone joining Mastodon from Twitter (3/X):

Something that personally helped me calm down in my relationship with social networks: here you no longer risk being surrounded by harassers. You have control over the blocking and defederating of entire instances (at least by moving on another instance if the federation and moderation policy of your current one does not suit you). And you can do it in bulk thanks to

This means that it is ok and doable to protect yourself from the most violent/sexist/racist/homophobic/ableist elements.

To everyone joining Mastodon from Twitter (4/X):

You might find that the process of finding people is slower than on Twitter, but it's actually a good thing : there is no algorithm forcefeeding you new people to keep your attention and keep you looking at ads 😉

Feel free to explore and you will find people matching your interests. Your local feed is a good place to start.

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