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Cette instance est hébergée en France. Chez moi, un administrateur système lambda, mais plutôt engagé. L'accès à Internet se fait via un VPN associatif d'Illyse sur une fibre optique chez une grand fournisseur d'accès à internet commercial français. De ce fait, le service dépent directement d'un accès à Internet grand public, et de matériel grand public, je fais mon possible pour que tout fonctionne au mieux mais je ne peux pas vous garantir un service constant, ni de GTR, ni SLA.

For non-french people.

This instance is open to everyone, willing to have a modicum inclusivity:

  • Server only for french and english speaking, to facilitate the moderation.
  • Sexism, racism, homophobia and any other minority exclusion should be avoided.
  • Respect for privacy.
  • Use tags and CW when you consider them relevant, in particular for NotSafeForWork (NSFW) contents.
  • Try to be considerate and inclusive.
  • If you are saying things that could be perceived as excluding and someone informs you, listen. We will all come out enriched from the dialogue.

Be aware that we will always prefer our freedom to be united than your freedom to exclude.

I decided to not moderate outside the instance (blacklist other instances and/or users for other instances), with a few exceptions which will be publicly announced for serious cases. I consider that everyone should make his own choices regarding what he wants to read from outside.

Thanks to the POOP for their inspiring code of conduct.

This instance is hosted in France by myself, an average system administrator but rather committed. Internet access is directly done through a voluntary VPN of Illyse over a fiber provided by a major french ISP. Hence, the service depends on general public Internet access and hardware. I do my best, but I can't guarantee continuous service, nor SLA, nor MTTR.